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Dr.  Scott  Fitzner  is  a  Doctor  of  Podiatric  Medicine  (DPM).   Dr. Fitzner  completed his medical prerequisites  University  of  Alberta.  He then attended the Des  Moines  University  in Iowa  where  he  completed  his  studies  and  graduated  as  a  DMP.   Once  his  schooling  was  complete he was accepted as a Surgical Resident in  St. Louis,  Missouri.   In   his  residency,  Dr.  Fitzner  received  extensive  training  in  fore-foot  and  rear-foot  surgery  which  included  procedures  from  bunion  and   hammertoe  repair  to  fracture  repair  and  flatfoot  reconstruction.

Dr. Fitzner and his team at Alberta Family Podiatry, a full service foot clinic in Calgary, are dedicated to helping patients return to regular life pain-free. From evaluation, diagnoses to treatments including orthotics and foot surgery, you’ll receive individualized attention and comprehensive care for your foot and ankle problems.

Dr.  Fitzner  and  his  wife  Erin  currently  live  in  the  Calgary  area  with  their  6  children. When  he  and  his  wife  are  not  spending  time  driving  kids  to  their  extracurricular  activities  they  love  to  golf,  water  ski,  and snow  ski.

Podiatrist Calgary SE

Podiatrist Calgary SE

 Podiatry Services Calgary

At Alberta Family Podiatry, your podiatrist Dr. Fitzner offers foot care services for a wide range of foot and ankle conditions.  Podiatry services offered at our Calgary foot clinic include:

Custom Orthotics:

A properly prescribed custom orthotics can help with a large number of foot problems, help with posture and relieve pain.  Custom orthotics can be made for children and adults and can fit into a variety of footwear.

Foot Surgery:

Our focus on patient education and preventative foot care will help you avoid the need for foot surgery, however there are times when surgery is the best option.  Alberta Family Podiatry offers a wide range of surgical services for even the most complex foot problems and deformities.

Foot Clinic Procedures:

Patients can visit the clinic for minor procedures for ingrown toenails, wart therapy and excision, wound care, foot fungus issues and more.

Diabetic Foot Care:

Foot problems are very common with people with diabetes and could lead to serious complications.  Our foot doctor is experienced in diabetic foot care and can help you prevent diabetic wounds and complications.

Podiatrist Calgary SE | Podiatrist

Custom OrthoticsCustom Orthotics

Custom Orthotics

A properly prescribed custom orthotic can improve overall foot function, and decrease stresses in the foot that cause injury. Contact our Calgary foot clinic!

Foot SurgeryFoot Surgery

Foot Surgery

Surgery can be an option for many foot conditions. Alberta Family Podiatry can help you understand your condition and create a treatment plan for your foot pain.

Foot & Ankle InjuryFoot & Ankle Injury

Foot & Ankle Injury

Many foot and ankle injuries can cause long term effects. Proper assessment and diagnosis is critical to improve healing times. Make an appointment!