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Dr. Fitzner specializes in alleviating foot related pain & returning you to a normal pain free life. If you are experiencing any foot or ankle problems whatsoever, book your appointment with Dr. Fitzner today.

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Alberta Family Podiatry is dedicated to creating a welcoming atmosphere and providing quality services for patients seeking a foot and ankle care in Calgary.  Our podiatrist Dr. Fitzner and support staff know that every foot is unique and are focused on individual patient care.  We will educate you on your foot condition, proper foot care and your options for treatment and podiatry services.


A few of Our Specialized Services

Custom Orthotics

A properly prescribed custom orthotic can improve overall foot function, and decrease stresses in the foot that cause injury. Contact our Calgary foot clinic!

Foot & Ankle Injury

Many foot and ankle injuries can cause long term effects. Proper assessment and diagnosis is critical to improve healing times. Make an appointment!

Foot Surgery

Surgery can be an option for many foot conditions. Alberta Family Podiatry can help you understand your condition and create a treatment plan for your foot pain.


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About Your

Calgary Foot Care Specialist

Dr. Scott Fitzner is a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine (DPM). Dr. Fitzner completed his medical prerequisites at the University of Alberta. He then attended Des Moines University in Iowa where he completed his studies and graduated with a Degree as a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine. Once his schooling was complete he was accepted as a Surgical Resident in St. Louis, Missouri. In his residency, Dr. Fitzner received extensive training in fore-foot and rear-foot surgery which included procedures from bunion and hammertoe repair to fracture repair and flatfoot reconstruction…