Foot Clinic Procedures

Routine foot care and regular visits to your Calgary podiatrist are an important part of your overall health care. This is especially true for high-risk patients including seniors and patients with diabetes. Alberta Family Podiatry works with patients of all ages offering foot health education, foot clinic procedures and routine care to detect, prevent and treat foot problems.

Foot clinic procedures in Calgary, AlbertaFoot clinic procedures could include:

– Wart therapy & excision
– Nail clipping & ingrown toenail treatment
– Corn & callus care
– Wound care
– Diabetic foot care check-ups
– Injections
– Casting for Orthotics

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Custom OrthoticsCustom Orthotics

Custom Orthotics

A properly prescribed custom orthotic can improve overall foot function, and decrease stresses in the foot that cause injury. Contact our Calgary foot clinic!

Foot SurgeryFoot Surgery

Foot Surgery

Surgery can be an option for many foot conditions. Alberta Family Podiatry can help you understand your condition and create a treatment plan for your foot pain.

Foot & Ankle InjuryFoot & Ankle Injury

Foot & Ankle Injury

Many foot and ankle injuries can cause long term effects. Proper assessment and diagnosis is critical to improve healing times. Make an appointment!